Welcome, we are thrilled you are here. I have been a Life Coach and Mentor, for over twenty-five years. My expertise is in training individuals to use the transitions in their lives to create clarity and awareness, feel energized, excited and committed to a sustained fulfilling life, one that arises from the true self.

While creating momentary change in one’s life might be relatively simple, the real challenge in our fast paced society and constantly transforming lives, the real challenge is being able to feel confident, aware and purposeful in creating life you want. A life that is sustainable from its foundation rooted in the essential self  which provides room for your imagination, creativity and energy to awaken the love within you for the life you wish to live.

The essential U currently has on offer two programs designed to specifically mentor you through a specific life transition as well as an ongoing community of inspired thinkers, doers and creators to support, encourage and share the benefits of authentic conversation.