We have a vision for you. Our vision for you is that when you apply yourself to learn the Moving On journey and to listen to your heart you learn to apply the steps of Moving On, become skilled at releasing the feelings and the losses brought about by the ending of your relationship and begin to live a reinvented life you will love to live.

While creating momentary change in one’s life might be relatively simple, the real challenge in our fast paced society and constantly transforming lives,  is being able to feel confident, aware and purposeful in creating a life you want. A life that is sustainable from its foundation rooted in the essential self  which provides room for your imagination, creativity and energy to awaken the love within you for the life you wish to live.

Our signature program, Moving On When Your Relationship Ends, offers a proven five step formula for successfully moving through the ending of a relationship to creating a new life based on solid knowledge and skills. 

The Moving On program has been the incubator for thousands of people, who specifically chose to move on from their previous relationship to a beautiful life they never thought possible. 


While everybody wants to be happy, successful and fulfilled in their relationships not everyone achieves that dream.  Relationships end for various reasons. Sometimes we know things are not going well, however we avoid the red flags and carry on trying to make it work. 

But don’t be discouraged by your circumstances or your self judgements about what has happened. I am going to show you exactly how to succeed by following a proven step by step process. So many fail in their attempt to move on because they do not know this formula for success. Plus Remember this: You are here! This puts you way ahead of others.

If you’re where I was when I went through my divorce, you may have tried one fix after the other, not leaving any stone unturned until you realized you had to move on. I knew I had to make a shift in how I was living my daily life so I could have long term lasting results. Moving On When Your Relationship Ends showed me just how to do that, and never look back to the old ways of doing and being in relationship with myself and others.

Online Program Agenda (live video conference):

Week 1: The Foundation/START Formula

Week 2: The Five Steps of Moving On

Week 3: The Face of Support

Week 4: Letting Go

Week 5: The Role of Adaptation

Week 6: Moving on to a New Life


In addition, you will have access to:

  • Handouts and worksheets - powerful tools for integrating the lessons of each week and applying them in your life.
  • Private online community - a place for questions and reflections; a potent way of deepening and applying your skills. 



"Hi Howard,  thanks so much for last night. I don't know that I'd be able to handle all that is going on right now if it wasn't for your course.  It is teaching me so much about the process of separation and showing me that everything I am feeling and going through is normal and that this too shall pass if I keep centered in my body and focus on a positive future while allowing myself to grieve for my dream of what I had wanted my marriage to be.

You’re an amazing person and I am so glad I met you."

- 2017 Graduate


"I really enjoyed the interactive component of this course. It was lovely to be in the comfort of my home and connect with people who were on a similar journey. 

Howard did an excellent job of giving us time to reflect on things and  express ourselves. He listened, supported, and guided us through the moving on process.

The homework component was important to ensure that you came to class ready to jump in and take part as soon as class started. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who is out of a relationship and would like some support with moving on and embracing their new life!"

- 2017 Graduate

"12 years ago I took your Moving On Program (both parts and the Hawaii Retreat and Odyssey Program) and now once again I have a major transition in my life. Mid-October I was let go from my full-time job.  A blessing in disguise.  The Moving On course is very dear to me and all I have learned I have not forgotten as I go through the letting go process after 20 years of experience in an Industry. Getting ready and excited about what is next but taking time to feel and be in limbo long enough with the gift of the tools you and Kerry gave me all those years ago."
- Tracey
"I love this Howard. Good luck with the launch - my experience with your program 17 years ago enabled me to move on. It was life changing and affirming and I am still so grateful to you and Kerry for your support with this - the light in the darkness that led me from the dark tunnel to living in light !"
- Cindy