Divorce is difficult. 

We can help.

Dear friends,

I am excited to share the upcoming Moving On program live video program with you. Each week we will meet through the technology of video in a live Moving On class.  I am the author of Moving On Through Divorce, Five Steps To Heal Your Heart and Rebuild Your life. If you are going through the ending of a relationship then I am glad you found us today. I guarantee you will learn to move on and reinvent your life in a new way you may never have thought possible.


REGISTER FOR MOVING ON WITH INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION.  One on one coaching with Howard Parsons.

Call or email me for your free thirty minute no obligation consultation to see if Moving On is right for you.

Howard Parsons: 403-615-8200  or send me an email: Howard Parsons

Join me if you think any of the following tools and skills will help you move on:

  • Learn to effectively use the five steps of the Moving On process to take you from denial to acceptance
  • Rediscover your freedom along the way and learn to live from that place.
  • End the struggle with the past once and for all.
  • Release the anger, sorrow and regrets and live a life you love.

The program will help you to free yourself from the stress and anxiety of your relationship ending, and give you the tools you need to release the past and create the life you want to live.

Your investment of $ 1397.00 (a saving of $ 500.00) comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you do not think our time together was helpful in Moving On I will provide you with a 100% refund.

I just completed the Moving On online course with Howard and it has been the best thing I have done for myself during this difficult transitional time.  Every week Howard showed me I wasn’t crazy, the feelings I was having the emotions I was feeling are all so normal and with his guidance I learned there is a process to moving on, that the roller coaster is ok and that I am going to be ok.

Thank you Howard from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom and being such a caring guide, for explaining so well that by following the steps you teach and practicing  the techniques you share, I am getting to the other side of the very difficult process of separating from someone after 20 years of marriage.  I now know that I am strong and by feeling all the stages as they ping-pong around in my head and in my heart,  I will come out the other side staying true to myself.
— Karen