Howard has facilitated this program for more than twenty years. He has had the opportunity to work with thousands of men and women going through the ending of a relationship. It is encouraging to know that so many people have learned the proven step by step process designed by Howard and his wife Kerry, providing a foundation for people to let go of the past and create a new life for themselves.

Endings create challenges, bring forward feelings of anger grief and regret. In the Moving On program you learn how these feelings are a part of the process of moving on and you can learn to take care of yourself in the midst of what can seem like chaos and obstacles.

In the six weeks of the moving On program you will learn:

  • The connection between the head and heart and why understanding how to use both are an important part of this practical, proven program
  • The five stages of how to take care of yourself using the START formula
  • The five steps of the Moving On journey and how applying them in your daily life allows you to face obstacles and move on to a new life
  • The powerful process of releasing the past
  • The importance of acceptance of what is and has been while planning a new life
  • How to avoid the “DITCH” and relationships that will take you back to old behaviors
  • How to give and receive compassionate support 
  • How to create and start living a life you love 


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