“No matter the depth and breadth of the loss, the size of the hole in our lives and in our hearts, we all still have what really matters ~the power to choose, to think, to feel and to behave in a way that will move us forward, gathering strength and purpose for a rich, full life ahead.”

Kerry Parsons

Moving On Through Divorce is a book created specifically to support, inspire, encourage, inform and bring hope to men and women who are Moving On from the loss of a significant love relationship.

Whether the ending that you are working through happened a day, a month, a year or a decade ago; whether the ending was your choice or was chosen for you; whether it had been a long time coming or came like a bolt from the blue….Whatever brought you here, we are glad you found us because this is a safe place to make a new beginning - to understand and come to terms with what happened, to heal and begin to make positive choices for your life ahead.