Mindfulness Works!

An Essential Wellness Program 

'Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training is an antidote to stress and capable of improving our emotional and physical well being, memory, learning, concentration, coherence and creativity.'

                                                                              ~ Yale Research/The Week Health and Science

 Mindfulness Works!

Stress, the debilitating state of overwhelm common in todays demanding world, is the predictable outcome of the too many and not  enough syndrome' too many demands and not enough help, time, space, money, resources. The antidote..

Mindfulness Works! is a scientifically verifiable meditation system that works simply by retraining our inner operating system to stop, unhook autopilot and come back to the present moment. Utilizing the simplest of tools - Eight weeks - 90 minutes/week of focussed learning and quiet time including learning about posture and presence, awareness and focus, sitting and silence establishes and strengthens:          

recognition and suspension of unproductive and reactive thought patterns

familiarity with, and the ability to release, habitual responses to pressure

the ability to relax the struggle within anxiety and transform fear into courage 

increased tolerance for change, uncertainty, and confusion

  • body-mind alignment and well-being
  • self-compassion and empathy towards others