Kerry Parsons is a Life Coach specializing in the development of personal and professional capacity in individuals seeking to realize their potential. 

She is a recognized and respected guide on the developmental journey... accessing, liberating and mobilizing the human capacity for meaningful success.

An inspiring speaker and a recipient of the Woman of Vision Award, she is known for her ability to access the deep, authentic, core self and guide people through life-altering shifts. She has pioneered The Essential Change System...a step-by-step process guiding individuals and organizations to redefine their future and develop the inner and outer resources to bring it into form.

Kerry is a Graduate Nurse and since certifying as a Life Coach in 1986, she has created and facilitated transformational workshops and programs  serving over 5000 men and women in their quest for personal growth and a better life ahead. She is the Founder and Director of The Essential U....Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion Education and the Academy of Rising Women currently under development and the author of Moving On Through Divorce.

Kerry is regarded as a social innovator, continuously seeking the deeper meaning of living a conscious, evolutionary life. She is a specialist in guiding the Essential Change Process...accessing personal core capacity, teaching the art and science of mindfulness training, developing relational Intelligence and catalyzing a collaborative corporate culture. 

Her deep dedication to accessing, liberating and mobilizing the promise of humanity anchors a passionate, purposeful commitment to and engagement in building a world that works for all. 

Contact Kerry at kerrycparsons@gmail.com