Stop what you are doing for a moment and reflect on where you have come from. It has been a long journey.

Sometimes a happy one and sometimes a painful one and yet in every instance you adapted to the circumstances and kept on going.

Was it all pretty? No not really. However, as they say in golf it doesn’t matter how you get the ball in the hole you still made it.

You adapted to parents who thought they taught you well and they did in their own way. You took what they said and made it your own and turned those lessons into life-long strategies.

You have persevered where others may have stopped.

You have fallen and got back up and dusted yourself off where others would have quit.

You have tried and sometimes failed and still you tried again and again. You did not let a miscue stop you.

You learned from the turns in your road of life and have passed those lessons on to others for their benefit.

You’ve come a long way baby! Take a few minutes and give yourself a big hug and make a loud yahoo noise to celebrate all that you have come to at this point in your life.

.....and still the best is yet to come!