You may believe that your life has a certain trajectory based on family values, or background or what you were taught.  

Your father was a doctor so you became a doctor.


Your grandmother baked the most fabulous apple pie in the world and you have brought the tradition forward.


Your belief about the arc of your trajectory is well founded in the evidence of your history.


Now, at a mature age you are asking, what am I to be?

You wonder who I am with all the skills, tools and intelligence I have.


How will I make a contribution to the world?


 Even if you want to make a contribution you wonder if it is even possible with what you have at your disposal.


The fact is your trajectory has been a manufactured reality based on historical characters and what they knew.


You have available to you your consciousness where in lies all your knowing.


You can change the course of your life by mastering access to your consciousness.


Then you will see that you can choose to take whatever course of action you desire, notwithstanding your history.


The realm of your consciousness is a powerful, real, active state of being that is fully activated at all times.


What has been missing is your realization of it.


This is who you are.