Everything happens for a reason right? Well, you may believe that or not, the fact is that stuff is happening in your life right now. Have you ever sat back and wondered at the circumstances of your life in any moment and thought about the coincidences that occurred to make that thing happen at that particular time?

I am sure you have. It is happening all the time because you are an evolving system of reality creating your experience moment by moment.

I would imagine there are people, places and circumstances leaving your life right now. Sit for a moment and just take in what is happening. The more you notice the more you notice.

Your timing is always perfect because events can only happen when you and your world line up to allow them to happen.

The hard part is accepting that what is happening is somehow moving you deeper into an understanding of your life. When you understand more you are in a position to share more.

Now you can practice accepting what is happening as just what is happening without judgement. That is where the clarity lies in seeing where your life is at.

You have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the mouth to speak along with the heart brain to feel into all the circumstances of your life.

When you do that you see that your timing is perfect. It just couldn’t have happened any other way.