You can look out your window and wonder at the wholeness of nature. It is a complete system from the sun shining down to the ants busily working at keeping the ecosystem in balance.

There are bugs and spiders all around us too. You just don’t always see them.

You are whole as well. You just don’t always see it or understand it. Through the critical eye of others or yourself you evaluate and determine if you are enough based on just a tiny bit of evidence. Most of the evidence comes to you through your adapted filter and so bares little relevance to your authentic wholeness.

What does it mean to you to know you are whole?

If you can see our planetary system as a whole system and describe in a few words the magnificent nature of it then you might have some notion of how absolutely extraordinary you are.

There seem to be few meaningful words to describe the true nature of your being although many sages have tried. The fact is that you are much more than you might ever have imagined up to now.

You are in charge of your destiny not based on historical evidence but on a new look at the wholeness of you and what that means in taking your next step.

You are intended to realize all that you can be. When you open your heart, take off your shield and accept the adventurous, intelligent, accepting, amazing, creative, energized lion that you are then you are really on a roll!