When you look at your baby picture I am sure you cannot help but see the miracle that occurred when you were born. Now you’re all grown up and working with a family and lots of responsibly and sometime your world feels like chaos.

Still you are a miracle. I suppose there might be scientific evidence of this but I don’t need it. I know it.

Not only are you a miracle, it is a continuing story of a miracle that you are here contributing in whatever way to family, community and country.

I know that within you there is an evolutionary impulse that is intelligent and can act like a guidance system when you access it.

You have the ability to go so far beyond your conditioning that your horizon is vast.

Consider for a moment that you have an imagination that has the capability to see it, hear it and taste it all before you ever bring it into your reality.

The only thing you have to bring to the party is a willingness to remember where you came from.

Whatever the source that created the miracle that you are has left you with your evolutionary impulse that is a powerful guidance system.