When a fisherman goes out to sea he might say, “That’s what I do because I am a fisherman.” Another might say, “That’s what I do because my intention is to feed the world through my effort.”

One fisherman has an awareness of his bigger purpose. He is aware of an energy pushing from behind that takes him out on the rough water of his life to fulfill his intention.

You have a bigger purpose too. Your nose may be stuck to the grindstone of your life which makes it harder to see a few steps ahead of where you are.

Yet there is a bigger purpose behind you pushing you into an awareness of your life that wants you to fulfill something.

What allows for you to engage in even considering a bigger purpose?

The events of your life will provide clues for you to see.

The challenging times and the good times both have elements that are calling you to choose your life rather than just engaging in it.

The power of choice you have is a powerful tool in your life.

There is not one of us out here that can have you make a different choice even if we wish we could. You are the only one in charge.

Every experience you have today contributes to the fabric of your life. The days add up fast and sooner than you know many years have past when you are left wondering what you have created.

The opportunity you have to contribute through an understanding of your bigger purpose is understated at best.

You want to embody the choices you are making with awareness and understand the impact those choices have on your life and those around you.

There is nothing more potent than to see the turn in the road of your life and to understand that how you navigate it is critical to your bigger purpose.

Just keep walking with awareness and embrace your bigger purpose. It is there for you right now.