A dog crosses your path What do you notice?

Colour, size, shape, legs. On a leash or not

What have you missed? Included?

What does your mind say about this?

Too fat. They feed that dog too much.

What a fluffy dog, must be a job to keep all that hair off the couch.

No that’s her favorite spot.

Where is this conversation going?

You are so sensitive.


Now take that and be aware of how you talk about yourself.

I eat too much. Look how fat I am.

I’ll never make the grade

I’m a beauty that’s for sure

I have the soul of an angel

No matter what you say

Your mind and heart believe it


It comes from a reliable source.

Well. That’s what your mind would say

More reliable is your heart.

The still small voice. The voice of an angel


Yes I do.

Good. Let’s listen to that

Now, what do you notice?