I am so practiced at working hard to get what I think you want. I am thrilled when you reflect to me your appreciation. I take it to mean you love me deeply.

So, I will try again and again to please you, just tell me what you want.

My heart races waiting for your approval of me and my actions.

When I am put down for what I have done, I just get knocked off my feet. I lose my ground. I am confused.

What could I have done better? You do not answer me.

I thought I had so much potential. Now, I am wandering around not knowing how to like myself again. This is such a familiar place.

If only I could give up seeking outside approval. My heart knows the truth of me.

Somewhere buried within me is the “me” I would like to know and action in the world.

Just for today I will affirm my love for myself. I will speak it. I will act from it. I will listen from this place of love. I will be the “me” my heart remembers.

Just for today...