When you stand in judgment of someone else you are declaring that you are right. When you stand in, “I am right”, then you assume they are wrong.

When you are on one side of the fence it is difficult to see the other person’s point of view.

Now you have eliminated any possibility that what they have to offer you, you will be able to hear, to evaluate and see if it has any value to you.

 This has the effect of significantly reducing your possibilities.

Now you are in a box smaller than you intended because your intention for your life is to live so you can broaden your vision.

You had intended to live this year to live with openness to your life so that much more was available on all fronts.

Ok, so take it back, this idea that you are right.

Open your internal eyes to what is possible which includes that other people have something to offer you that you might not have seen.

Then forgive yourself for only being on day six of the New Year and already you tripped yourself up. It’s ok the journey is not a straight line.

You are still the person with lots going for you.

Just bring your awareness to your journey once more and carry on.