You are perfect whole and complete.  

You are, and you probably could use a little improvement.


Is that not what you know? There really is nothing wrong with you.


It’s just that everyone has a desire to be better in some aspect of their life.


Our idea to lose weight, to find the perfect dress or to buy the perfect gift are aspects of our nature that says if you have it then you will be happy.


The impulse is strong to find something more than we have.


All you have to do is look in the mirror and judge yourself according to society standards and you feel less than when you started.


The suffering that is created in our hearts has us more determined to find the answer to happiness. There is more pushing to find the perfection.


How about trying to forget yourself?


That means to let go of the construct you have in your mind about who you are and how you make your way in the world.


Instead of bringing anger forward, try compassion.


Rather than judging yourself by other people’s rules, choose your own measure of who you are.


The way to start is to pay attention to your self talk.


When you notice you are angry, upset or feeling overwhelmed notice how you feel physically.

Then breathe and relax by taking a moment to bring your feet back to the ground.


When you stop trying so hard to be perfect, you see in fact you are perfect and the awareness you bring allows for the gate to be opened to that inner you that is always available.

This is who you are.