What a silly thing to say. I hear the voice in my head talking about this headline and it screams that this could not possibly be true about me. No, it is intended for you not me.

I can see you clearly as the amazing person I will come to know you are after only a few moments of meeting you.

You, on the other hand, will see past my baldness, my shortness and my bushy eyebrows to see and experience my magnificence.

You might have a time of it trying to convince me of what you see as being the truth.

Yet, is there not a shred of truth here?

Do we not all have a part of us that knows the truth of us is not always visible?

I think so. I proved it to myself when I went through my experience with cancer. I did not die it was not my time.

I felt my soul magnificence expand through test after test, one prodding doctor and nurse after the other and then after surgery.

Yes, there is magnificence in me. I don’t always know when it will show up but I know it is there.

Yet, if you don’t know it for yourself let me know it for you until you do.

It is hard to hold and know the resonance of magnificence for yourself. That’s what friends are for.