“If you are not willing to get your worst one ever out of the way, how will you possibly do better than that?” Seth Godin When you are exploring new paths for your life you will encounter situations that look difficult or impossible because you have not done them before.

Your mind tells you based on previous experience you should not proceed because danger is lurking.

If you cannot or will not overcome the mind chatter then how will you ever get to the next level of your evolution?

Well, actually you will get somewhere it will just be by default rather than design.

If you go into your mind alone and listen to the voices of the past you are like a child being scolded by a parent.

Better to take a bold step and move forward into a new way of being for which you may not have any evidence that it will turn out in a promising way.

However, to hold yourself stuck in the past is akin to cementing your feet in place and refusing to move.

How can you possibly expect to get better unless you are willing to take a risk on what your heart is telling you is the right idea?

The odds are in your favour that things will get better because you will have broken the mold of the past that came with the old voices.

It is time.

This is who you are.