We may think the results of our life are random. I don’t think so.

How we have been trained has a part to play.

How we have interpreted our surroundings growing up and the input we got all contributed to how we speak about our self and our place in the world.

Our word is spoken first on the inside.

We all know the voices in our head talking to us non stop day and night.

What were you doing at 2:00 am this morning?

Most likely listening to your mind talk about your life.

Then you try and make something of it as though it is the truth.

In some ways it is the truth because we have learned a way of talking about our self to our self that defines who we think we are and what we are capable of.

Many people believe their past behavior will predict their future behavior.

This is true only if you choose not to change it.

The message we received as kids is that our word has power. Most of us did not listen.

When you choose from that deepest place within you I call soul, you speak your word into a receptive universe.

There is work to do to follow the path that shows up when you speak but you only need to pay attention to see what is to do next.

Mindfully living your life with attention and intention provide the context for you to know and understand what you say to yourself and others has the power of the universe behind it.

Everything conspires to help you when you have aligned your intentions with your heart soul and speak from there.

As you wake up to notice that what you are saying, you believe is true then you know you have the power to determine your direction.

Like the captain of a ship you take control of the wheel and turn it a few degrees and you change the course of your life.

Get in touch with your heart soul.

Meditation helps.

Quiet walking in nature helps too.

I have found it is a combination of intention for my life, mindful living and following the signs that come along.

Then I constantly affirm my intention.

Be up for the challenge when the bumps in the road come.

Then go back in and say it again to yourself.

“This is where I am going!”

This is who you are