We speak thousands of words everyday. We think about what to say all the time.

Our minds are filled with analysis, expectations and potential outcomes.

We think we know how our words will land on someone.

We have an expectation of how they will respond to our self perceived wisdom.

What we forget is that those we are speaking to have their own receptor for our words.

Their intake system has filters to look for things they don’t agree with, ideas that match their expectations and possibilities to take them along their path.

When our words don’t match the paradigm of the person we are talking to they react inside.

They may not tell us how they feel about what we have said but you can be sure they have feelings about it and opinions about it.

Your word has Power.

You have the power to bring inspiration and hope to others.

Through your words you can also bring negativity and judgement.

We make assumptions about those we live and work with.

We assume they know and understand us and so will accept whatever we say.

In mindful relationships at home or work we owe it to ourselves and others to be aware of what we are saying and how we say it.

Check in with yourself, check in to your heart and be aware of what you are about to say.

Don’t assume the other person will immediately understand and agree with your position.

Be mindful that everyone has a filter through which they hear what is said.

That filter has lots of history as part of it.

When you speak, your word has power.

Use it like you would any powerful tool.

You choose and through your choice your power is actioned.

This is who you are.