When my birthday approaches it gives me pause for thought. How have I spent the last year?

What inspired me these past twelve months?

Do I have any regrets?

Now, I know I have a delicious habit of spending copious amounts if time in self reflection.

You might say this is a good thing.

The question is what is there to learn?

What I have learned is that my ego loves to reflect on the past.

That is because the only reference to life that the ego has is to the past.

It is not capable of imagining the future.

To reflect on the past is to sit in the comfort of your nest of self described experiences in which you changed yourself, someone else or the world.

As a mature man you might think I am grown up.

In some respects this is true. The evidence is my balding head and my saggy jowls.

However, like many men I am just a boy looking for acknowledgement of my wisdom, my contribution and my good looks.

The years we live, certainly must provide us with a wealth of wisdom. No?

We live in the delusion that age has some equivalent to our wisdom.

Wisdom, I think comes from the inside out.

It is that part of us that is beyond ego.

It is the creative nature that is inherent in who we are which aches to be expressed and honed and used for a better world.

In order to make use of the pent up wisdom within, we will need to do some work to go beyond ego.

It is a practice that may take a lifetime.

That’s ok because the journey is an exciting and inspiring one.

One of the practices I engage in to keep me on the journey is continuous learning.

I am open to learning about myself and what is possible.

That is who I know we all are. You and I, boy and girl, makes no matter.

I am grateful for the years I have lived. May I have many more filled with the inspiration of living the art and heart of soulful living.

We ARE wise.

Don’t you love that?

This is who you are.