Life is what it is.

It could be different and in the next moment it will be.

What will be the same is your beliefs and attitudes about what it is.

It is like the train of life constantly moves along the track in beautiful country side settings, dark rain clouds come and the train moves on.

However, your mind does not move at the same pace because it only has two things it focuses on most of the time. The future and the past.

Why this, the mind asks, because with analysis there is an old belief that you will be ok if only you can figure things out.

Why now, the mind screams in anger, because the timing is so bad.

If only it could be a different time and a different form.

It feels like you are standing still except that you are on the train of life. 

It is constantly moving bringing you all that the journey has to offer.

Turn your head and look out the window.

You will see the landscape and all that is there.

Then accept you are on this moving journey of life and what is in this moment is what is.

Actually, there is no need to change it, just be with it and see if you can get your mind around looking at it differently.

One way to do that is to change your perspective from your mind to your heart.

The essence of your life lives in your heart not your mind.

This is who you are.