Where have you come from?  

Where are you going?


Our culture now relishes in the idea of migration for us all to be where we want to be to get what we think is better than what we have.


We are forgetting the wisdom of our ancestors to use what we need and leave the rest. We have become greedy for what we want, in order to fill the hole of being lost.

Where are your roots? Have you forgotten your obligation to honor yourself, your past and prepare the way for those that come after you?


We are all connected as one on the grid of the universal plane. We do not see it so it goes missing in our daily activity.


We have chosen to ravage our home in order to supply our needs and then some.

The garbage of our  actions will be a legacy to the future for which they may never forgive us.


Your people are all of us who are on this planet with you, all of those who came before you and all of those who will come after you.  You and I owe it to ourselves and our tribe to know who we are at our essence and honor that.


Your tribe is calling now for you to take a stand for your life, now. The meaning of your life is not to be found in the future. It is made every day from what you bring and contribute moment by moment.


It has been long enough that just living here is no longer enough.


You have within you the wheel of wisdom needed to steer this ship to a new destination. 


Go into your essential soul heart and pull out the plan that will contribute to your legacy. 


This is who you are.