Some people just like to hear the sound of their voice eloquently spouting off about politics, religion, the company they work for and most anything else that strikes their fancy. They whine about the weather, about other people who make their life miserable and anything else that is in the headlights of their blame. Whining is a technique perfected to assess blame to others than oneself. That way no responsibility is needed for any particular experience of one’s life.

Excuses of the whiner are varied and as abundant as dandelions in spring. They don’t want to see their part in what is unfolding in their life.

Ok we’re good to go with that. Perhaps our world needs a particular number of whiners.

Now winners on the other hand are a different breed. This would include you.

You see yourself as a participant in your life not an observer.

You want to move forward in a big way and know that you will give it your full commitment to make it happen.

You take responsibility for your life because you know the law of cause and effect. When you take action the universe sends back energy to acknowledge your action.

As a winner you are aware of your part in the universal dance. Without you there would be something missing.

As a winner you understand that to share your experience and strength and hope with others that you can ignite hope and inspiration where there may not have been any before.

As a winner you understand the minute difference a couple of letters in a word can make.

Just like life. Small differences make a huge difference. That’s you.