My observation of the world at the moment is of people running around trying to find peace.

In fact, peace is not out there. Peace is in resides in all our hearts, we just don’t realize it all the time.

In the world of the one person there is dissatisfaction with career or family or health or whatever.

A continual litany of something being wrong while proclaiming to find the place of peace.

To find peace within we have to know peace is within ourselves.

If it is something new that is desired in our lives then we must know the place that thing comes from.

It does not come from racing around.

It will not show up if you keep throwing all kinds of crap at the wall and hoping something will stick.

It will come in the quiet moment when you stop, take notice of where you are, who is speaking to you and what your consciousness is about your gifts and talents.

No one is devoid of peace.

Everyone has it.

It resides within each one of us waiting like a beautiful flower to be discovered among bushes.

This is who you are.