When your shoulders are up around your ears your breathing is shallow, your chest is tight and the tension fills your body. Some encounter real or imagined has brought you to this state.

No matter the circumstances that created this physical state you have been here many times and not noticed it.

That is because your training has taught you that as a warrior of the world you must overcome any perceived obstacle to your good life.

Apparently the harder you work at it the better it is to overcome the state of extreme tension.

The lack of awareness of tension requires a focused attention on the obstacle creating the tension.

So there goes another night of sleep as you mull over the worries and tensions of the day.

How about letting go?

What if everything was fine just the way it is?

What if you brought a sense of surrender to the situation that allowed for your deeper sense of knowing to be involved in the experience?

Rather than a glancing blow with the sword of your warrior bring your essential self to the awareness of this moment.

Whatever there is to do will show up and that is where to gently focus your attention.

It is like you bring sunlight to a beautiful field of wheat swaying in the wind rather than a laser beam cutting the grain to shreds.