There is an addiction called perfectionism I’m sure of it. Why? Simply because I practice it all the time! Have you noticed how you try to get everything just right?

Have you noticed the work you put into projects knowing that you have gone beyond doing well and you have gone to the realm of perfectionism?

If it isn’t just right then who will notice? Everybody, your brain answers loudly. Now get back to work and make it perfect so you will be an exceptionally good girl or boy.

If we do not seek the approval of others then what will our behaviour become?

Do we turn into slobs just so we will be noticed?

I doubt that your operating belief system would let you go there. In a way you are perfect.

The beautiful soul that came to this planet was so beautiful in all ways, everyone marveled and more than one parent or grandparent exclaimed how perfect you were and showed pictures to everyone they could.

Then you developed an operating belief system that said, “I am not enough.” From that moment on your operating system went to work to prove that belief was wrong. The problem was that any accolades, trophies, wins, and “way to goes” only lasted a nanosecond before you we out trying to prove once again you are somebody to be noticed.

Here’s a bit of news. You ARE somebody to be noticed not because you are perfect but because you are imperfect.

When you accept that you are just who you are and have the courage to say, “Here I am, just as I am.”

Then you have reached the place where your acceptance beams across the world.

That is the power of accepting your imperfection.