“To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have.”  Ken Keyes Jr

The notion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence is rarely true.

Yes, the color looks brighter, the grass looks more lush and the sweetness of it resonates in your senses.

This myth is proliferated by your historical programming that says you should have more.

Namely your ego mind talks to you about what you don’t have and spends time lamenting the situation.

However, to live your life comparing your life to others is a way to waste precious life energy. That is, I don’t have this and I want it because it is missing is to live your life out of touch with your present moment.

Actually all that you need is here now for you and with you.

When there is a need to have more in good time, without pushing you can have it.

That will be when your consciousness is ready to accept it.

The programming you have lived with is one that applauds comparison with everyone else.

If you don’t have what they have then your life must be less than theirs.

That is only half the story.

Your ego makes assumptions about what you should have right now and the consequences be dammed.

When you live in the present moment aware of where you are and how you are then you have the connection to your soul that knows all is well right now.

The less time you spend missing what you don’t have allows more time to raising your awareness of your present moment consciousness.

This is the place from which you can hear the still small voice within.

This is who you are.