How do you open your heart to your purpose? Do you know what your purpose is?

What do you think your life expression might be if you knew your purpose?

Confused? Join the multitude.

There are those people that tell you about how special you are.

I am one of them because I believe you are.

They will say all of us have a unique purpose including you.

Yes, I agree with that too.

Meanwhile back at the ranch of your ego it is screaming “hogwash!”

It is saying something like you have never been special and don’t ever expect to be special. All you have to do is look at my life to see what I mean.

As for a purpose your ego will work hard to keep you on the trail of fear, doubt and worry while you work and work to analyze and try to figure it all out.

So what are you to do with all this?

I say stay the course.

First, you will want to appreciate and accept that you have a heart connection to all of us out here in webland and we can help you.

Secondly you will have to accept that you can access information beyond your ego that can help you fulfill your unique purpose.

Then have the faith in yourself and the universe that if you do the next thing put in front of you things will work out.

Along the way you get course corrections that take you in a new direction.

That’s ok too.

Just be aware of what is in your heart.  Listen to its voice. It is soft, gentle and loving.

When you get in touch with your purpose it may be your purpose for now. It may change and develop and mature.

Allow that to happen and let the joyful experience take you on the journey.

This is who you are.