Each of us has a call. What is yours? Have you spent years trying to figure out why you are here?

You have tried so many routes you think surely this one I am on right now must be the one.

Yet again things come along to take you on another path seemingly in a new direction.

Don’t give up now. You have travelled so far. You have been diligent in your work to find your calling.

We know that with each “failure” to find the right place and the right time that you build a foundation that serves you.

The dolphins know this way of being. They maintain their awareness and with each danger that comes they become very quiet. Never do they give up, they just maintain their awareness.

Then in an instant they see an opening and literally fly toward it and down into the deep waters.

Your efforts are not lost. They are the mortar of your life. Piece by piece you create a life of rich experience that serves you

Now, you can know even when you feel as though you are not getting to where you want to go every moment is contributing to the richness of your life.


What are you called for? Let your heart give you the information.