Do you know the song of your life?
It’s the theme running through the lyrics of your day that keeps you going.
Many of us do not.
We run here and there trying new things while singing the old song, resisting changing our tune because it is too hard to craft a new one.
Yet, the old tune is out of tune.
Out of sync. The timing is off. You can feel it in your bones.
The opening to a new song is what is called for now.
This means not only shedding the old but actually writing a new set of lyrics.
How will you do that?
The new song will show up when the opening in your consciousness shows up.
This means recognizing the delusion of continuing to sing the same old song.
Sit down, take the time to see what lyrics show up now.
They are there.
They show up through the turmoil and the uncertainty when you allow it.
The time is here for a new song of your life.
Let it come.
It is in your heart.
Listen for it.
This is who you are.