When was the last time you felt your heart open, felt the warmth of excitement through your body and knew in that moment you were absolutely inspired by the possibility of your life. You may be inspired by a sunrise.

You may be inspired by your children.

You may be inspired by your own knowing of your creativity.

You see, I know you are a creative being.

I don’t think you have to know how to paint a masterpiece. What I know is your life IS a masterpiece that is created by you moment by moment.

It’s just that the moments come so fast and there are so many of them you may not realize your part in the creation.

Stop the focus on the outward stuff and focus inward.

Expand your heart knowing to such a degree that you consciously create your masterpiece one moment at a time.

Sure, start small if you wish. Choose a part of your life you will enhance, change, or redirect then set your heart intention and go at it inspired from your heart.

Don’t be scared. Be thrilled that now you know you are the master and you are creating the masterpiece.