If everything is fine just the way it is then you would have to accept that there is nothing wrong. There would be no worry.

There would be no tears.

There would be no fumbling around the topic you are concerned about.

You would be in your essence aligned with the energy of the universal mind knowing that your best interests are being taken care of.

Then what would you spend your energy on?

You would have to find an alternative outlet for fear, doubt and worry.

You would go forward with plans and projects in a fashion that had you feeling the energy of alignment.

If everything is just fine the way it is then you would have to let go of holding onto the notion that it isn’t.

If you let go then what?

You would have to give up your construct that the struggle in your world is of someone else’s doing. It is made up of assumptions, judgements and attitudes that you have held on to for a long time.

The ease in your body is felt immediately when you let go of the struggle and know that where you are is fine.

Now you can look and see what is your learning here.

 What is your next step based on your connection to your heart rather than the connection to your struggle?


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