I expect you know a few things, like how to drive your car, brush your teeth, find your way to work and how to organize your home.  

I am sure there is a lot more you could tell me you know about living your life.


All of this learning is based on certainty and control.


When we have certainty we have comfort. We strive for it all the time consciously and unconsciously.


We have been made aware that to have things in nice boxes where they can be found is the best way to live.


What happens then when you meet a situation over which you have no control. 


Our system goes into overdrive trying to find the answer to fix the problem. 


Sometimes there is no fix, at least in the moment.


Mindful living suggests we stay with the uncomfortable feelings.


Let the situation be what it is and live in this moment.


We are all aware that our brains work in the past or in the future trying to encapsulate situations that in the moment are not solvable.


Let it be and see what happens.


You see your brain is the technology that is working overtime. Your mind however is beyond your brain and it is connected to our magnificent universe.


It is in your mind where the wisdom resides. 


When you practice mindful living you open the door to your essential wisdom. It has always been there.


Take time to practice mindfulness:

Sit quietly aware in a soft present posture

Focus your gaze softly slightly downward

Let your breathing be easy in and out

Then focus on the out breath and just be with your feelings.

It is within you.

This is who you are.