What do you hope for that lies behind the wall we see as you? What are the dreams you foster that to share them brings up fear of ridicule or lack of understanding?

You have hopes and dreams waiting to be brought home. We all do, that’s what makes us get up in the morning and go through our day with a hope that at least a small step will be taken toward our hopes and dreams.

If only our hopes could be brought alive in this moment. Why do we have to wait forever?

Its best they say to wait until you retire then you can fulfill the dreams you have been holding close to your heart.

Your hopes and dreams are energetic stuff.

I don’t think there is reason to wait although you might think so.

To take a step, a concrete step toward fulfilling your hopes today is probably the road less travelled.

You won’t find as much traffic there as you do on main street where hopes and dreams are waiting for the perfect time for their owner to make them real. 

Whatever pain is in the way, whatever trepidation you have about having your hopes and dreams on hold take the step now.

Why now?

Life at the best of times is uncertain and in that uncertainty you have the capacity to create joy in your life. Now.