This well of yours runs deep. The external stuff you see like hair, face, belly and all the rest of your image in the mirror is only the surface stuff.

What lies beneath and runs deep is your essence.

It is your true nature that powers the fresh spring waters of your creativity.

It nevr goes away. You just can’t see it.

in times of turmoil you can’t feel it either because of the struggle for survival moment to moment.

But you can never lose faith it is there.

If we were at the edge of your well and had a rope ladder perhaps we could go into the darkness and put a light on it.

Your essence had nurturing qualities that will take a back seat to any chaos that comes along because your ego stands up to take charge.

Your history kicks in full force to keep at bay the troubles that want to haunt you.

Never lose faith your essence is there waiting for you.

It has a soft and gentle nature. Its voice is hard to hear with all the noise the ego makes.

My experience is like this.

I had the idea that somehow I wasn’t doing enough. You know trying to be of value. It’s grasping for love through actions I hoped would show the other person I cared.

I find it frustrating when I don’t get what I ant in the form I want it.

However, rather than fight my feelings of not enough, I decide to accept them.

I decided to nurture them like a child. I felt the compassion for myself.

The acceptance led me to a good feeling. It was a calm feeling, like everything was OK.

I had gone into my well. I went into the darkness to reach for acceptance rather than fight a feeling I did not want to feel.

My essential self responded with good feelings of self-compassion.

All is well even in the face of challenging feelings.

That’s how I know your well runs deep.

The thing is you have to go into the darkness to find the goodness of yourself.

This is who you are.