The economy is up. No wait, the economy is down. Yes! House prices are going up. Holy Cow house prices are stagnant.

There is a huge media blitz on every device we have that lets us know how we are doing.

The loudest noise however comes from our ego mind chanting the road to riches is just around the corner if only you ....money2

Your money may rattle around in your pocket or it may fatten your wallet but your true wealth will always reside in your heart and essential self.

It is not what you can do for yourself today that makes one wealthy. It is how you can make a difference in this world by expressing from your passion.

Passion is like a shy fox in the woods. You must seek it. You must love it. You must nurture it so that it becomes a part of you that is indistinguishable from you. Then its energy builds like a hot flame within you.

It rises up from within as an ever stronger energy that is consistent, persistent, imaginative and powerful.

As it flourishes wealth beyond measure becomes the life you live.

This is who you are.