Canadian Parliament.jpeg

Our world has changed dramatically and I guess it always will.

Nothing is permanent. Change occurs every moment.

The Canadian Parliament was attacked Wednesday by at least one gunman.

The Canadian world has changed forever.

We don’t need self pity.

We don’t need more drugs to calm us down.

We, those of us alive now, need to awaken to our life.

It is a necessity that all of us choose our life and our purpose and move forward with compassion and wisdom.

Those qualities are present within each and every one of us.

Whatever you were doing yesterday have a look and see if it is what you want to continue doing in the way you are doing it.

When you settle for less than who you are you choose a lesser path.

Now, you and I need to know, understand and act with the wisdom of our heart.

It is always available and it is needed more now than ever before.

This is who you are.