Here you are on the threshold of a whole new life. How do you know? Because every day you wake up you have the choice as to how you will handle it.

The suffering you feel, if you feel any, is not a result of the experience you have had. It is a result of how you are reacting to your experience.

No one can tell you how to live your life today.

However, my suggestion is you walk through the door of possibility that stands in front of you.

The only other option would be to go backward away from the door.

You have more metal than that because you are resilient and determined.

You also know the essence of your soul even if you can’t feel it in the moment.

Your powerhouse of wisdom resides right there within you to access it through your own awareness.

This is a wonderful thing for you to take advantage of.

When you walk through the door of possibility in front of you toady you begin to create your life in a new way before it is even in form.

Your commitment to this forward path is not one everyone will take.

Yet you know this is who you are.