Arcade Fire, the famous rock band, has a great song called “Wake Up”  

I think it is a song about our childhood and how we have been taught certain things. We have been taught not to cry or to pay attention to Dad in a certain way.


Here are a few lines:

Somethin’filled up

my heart with nothin’,

someone told me not to cry.


But now that I’m older,

my heart’s colder,

and I can see that it’s a lie.



When the grown up children, that’s you and me, see that what we were taught was not necessarily true for us, then we can make our own choices.


What you choose has power in it.


What you choose gives you direction.


What you choose gives you purpose.


What you choose has consequences for all those around you.


Learn to know the power you have to move with the energy of the universe.


Let’s call it infinite possibility. The energy of your world responds to your thoughts and actions.


Choose to get to know your essential self that is one hundred percent connected to the universal energy.


This is who you are.