How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?  

No, I mean really look.


Do you take a few minutes to appreciate the human being you see in front of you?


I think many of us have a picture of ourselves that is restricted by our vision which came into play many years ago.


You decided a long time ago who you are in your world, how your world worked and you have been attempting to make it work in your life ever since. 


You have tried people pleasing, controlling, perfectionism and rebel. Some worked at different times but only for a short time.


Now you have the chance to bring into your vision a new visualization based on what you know is true for you. It is not based on someone’s view of you or on what someone told you about you.


Your new visualization is a picture you create from who you know you are. Yes, you will want to know at depth who you are. It’s coming home to the consciousness of your being.


The people in your world will continue to relate to you as you have taught them to relate to you.

This is the opportunity of your age. You can enjoy the process of relating to your life from your new picture and at the same time train others to see you differently.


This takes practice, focus and intention. 


When you bring together these three skills you will create a life in which you do not have to push into but allow to expand in a gracious way that nourishes you.


This is who you are.