“How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unknown?”   Esmeralda Santiago We blindly go about our life thinking, could there be anything else to know?

Some would say yes, I want to know more.

Others will reply, no at my age, I have seen and done it all. My life is over and I will slide into oblivion in my last years.

Which one would you choose?

Unknown friends can turn up at any moment in your life if you are open to receiving them.

They will come in different sizes and shapes to surprise you. In such instances you may not expect there is something to learn.

If you take the attitude that life is a learning journey in every moment then let this be one of those moments.

Take the opportunity to learn from people and experiences at every turn and see what exciting possibilities can be presented.

It is the level of conscious interest you hold in your life that will hold your interest in your life.

You are made for learning and growing and discovery.

Take the opportunity at every stage to see what is possible.

It is a thrilling adventure.

This is who you are.