Life is full of surprises some good and some bad. We are responsible for creating our experience whether we want to admit it or not.

The unexpected path is, for me, a time of learning, opening, letting go and sometimes forgiving.

We have the option of bouncing from experience to experience and handling them the best we can without regard as to what there is to learn.

Then we end up down the road some thirty years and we have had one day of experience over and over again without expanding our awareness, our wisdom or our compassion.

Here’s what I attempt to do. Right, I am not always successful but i keep learning and trying.

Love your ego aside. Your ego has been driving the bus for a long time. Now it is time to lovingly give it thanks and honor it for what it has done for you and ask it to quiet down for a while. What would your experience be if you let your heart lead the way?

Be Heartfelt. Your intuitive voice and wisdom live in your heart. Practice getting in touch with it. See what your world would be like if you opened this part of you up actively.

Walk Slowly. Take each step in concert with your breath being aware of both. Take a break when life gets hectic. When you stop even for one minute you change the game of your life and the outcome will be more aligned with your true nature.

You are so much wiser and compassionate than you have been acting lately. Open this part of you up as a learning exercise and see what results show up.

The unexpected path will become a path of great discovery.

This is who you are.