Uncertainty is with us all the time. We go along in our life one day at a time thinking everything looks fine.

Even if we have some anxiety around certain aspects of our life we push it aside as best we can and carry on.

However we know in our heart our world is constantly in motion even though we don’t focus there.

So when an unplanned event happens, can we be centered enough in our life to face the uncertainty with a clear mind?

We need an antidote for the stressors of today.

I have found meditation to be very helpful in this respect.

Committing to only a few minutes a day has proven we can change our mental state and be present to whatever events are happening in the moment.

I would suggest mediation is one practice you can use to better handle what is going on.

In as little as five minutes a day you will see a difference over a couple of weeks.

Living today is fast, intense and busy.

Give yourself a break and try meditation to calm the inner waters.

This is who you are.