The idea of what is unacceptable came to me in a strange way yesterday. I go to my gym almost everyday because I enjoy the break. It is my time to think, to focus and to practice being mindful in the midst of lots of activity.

One of the things I enjoy after my workout is a hot shower.

To my surprise all the soap dispensers in the shower were empty yesterday.

This is one of those times when I think, no way. This cannot be possible.

Surely someone in charge knows having any soap for the showers is an absolute must. Running out of soap is not an option.

It got me wondering how often we each engage in behavior or attitudes which are less than acceptable by putting our life attention on hold.

We might be grouchy and pass it on to others in our family, show a lack of respect and honor of our co-workers or just be agitated when we are in a store.

Most of us would pass it off as a bad day and let it go. Good idea, except for the carnage left behind based on your unacceptable behavior.

These are times when we have lost connection to our physical, emotional and thinking self.

We plunge ahead mindlessly behaving in ways we would not normally condone in  others.

It is like we have lost our way. No soap in the shower. Someone lost track.

I know I have had moments of being in a bad mood, not feeling well or feeling sorry for myself and without thinking pass it on to those close to me.

When we  mindfully participate in our life we notice our bad mood and are in touch with how we feel.

One of the techniques I use is to check in with myself during the day. Take a moment and just feel into how I am.

When we are mindful we realize there is no need to pass on our bad feelings to others.

One other technique I use is the one minute meditation. You can take one minute, close your eyes and just breathe into your body. It offers amazing results.

We are much more powerful than we know. Our moods, behaviors and actions make a difference to people around us. That includes people who do not know us.

Our energy goes out into the world ahead of us. So, even though we think it is a secret as to how we are doing, we in fact, are making a huge impact on the environment around us.

I can get along without soap in the shower but your bad behavior might hurt me more than you know.

Paying attention to your life in the moment is the essence of mindful living.

Life is lived one moment at a time. That is all you have.

When you let your attention wander you have lost precious moments in which you could provide positive benefit to your life and the lives of others.

This moment you are in is a precious one.

My advice is not to waste it by running out of soap.

This is who you are.