There are two phrases that when used with gratitude and connection create something positive that was not there before.

The phrase is “thank You.” 

This is an acknowledgment of something done for you for which you are grateful.

Many people in our fast paced world do not get acknowledgment for the things they do.

I have noticed this with store clerks, nurses, teachers, doctors, husbands and wives  and many others who are of service.

The service is provided by the person because it is their job or their responsibility or a desire to help, not to get the acknowledgement.

A deeper connection is formed, good will is created and stronger relationship are forged when “Thank you” passes between them.

In many cases it is the people closest to us we forget to say, “Thank you” to. 

In a way we have taken the relationship for granted by forgetting how important acknowledgment is to the other person.

The other phrase that will change your day is to address someone by their name.

If you don’t know their name, just ask them.

An instant bond is created.

When you use another person’s name with respect, connection and authenticity you are saying something to them about how much you value them.

It provides the opportunity for a happier and more connected moment.

Many times the people closest to you are craving your acknowledgment.

Don’t forget them just because they are beside you all the time.

Familiarity is the reason to be more aware of how you acknowledge them.

Two phrases to use to change your day. “Thank you” and addressing someone by their name.

This is who you are.