“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”Paulo Coelho

If you give up now you will never find the secret.

You have fallen.

Your knees are scraped, your heart hurts like hell and you don’t see any way of moving forward.

The first step is to cry. The sadness of your heart with all your pain needs an outlet so you can let go. It is a time of total surrender.

Your ego wants to take it all back, hold on forever and tell the world to shove it!

Listen to your heart, acknowledge the difficulties of this long journey and get up again.

If you don’t get up you will never find the secret.

Can you be the one who turns lead into gold?

No question about it.

You would not have been assigned this journey if you were not to learn the secret.

The hills you have climbed, the obstacles you have overcome and the people who have left you are all symbols of possibilities that are before you that you have not yet seen.

Listen to the voice of your heart. The secret is there.

You must listen to hear it.

This is who you are