A simple project turns into an all day event with me at the helm trying and pushing to make the pieces all fit.  

I consider myself somewhat of a techno geek with my interest in all things electronic.

It’s the kid in me filled with creativity, imagination and a stubborn nature that wants to know how things work.

In the techno world things work in strange ways, which immediately pulls me into a spasm of trying harder, drink more coffee, try harder again.

I look up clues on the internet and keep pushing myself to get the answer, to what I am sure is a simple question, to real techno wizards.


The whole idea of pushing is an idea I told myself months ago I gave up. I would be spiritual enough to allow the answer to present itself in the right time. Ha! That was a blooper.


I did not consider my computer, the internet, email programs and a tight deadline as posing a particular obstacle. I know enough, I said to myself, to overcome these technological gadgets.


I think they have a mind of their own. The harder I try the more obstacles are placed in front of me. Then when I solve one part of the puzzle I have forgotten how I did it by the time I get the next piece.


Let go is the lesson. Let go of the ego need to be right.


Call someone who knows the answer.


Get help where needed.


Accept the gifts available from your world when you are stuck on a problem. Letting go can be hard for our ego but such a loving gesture for our soul.

You are lovable enough to accept help.


This is who you are.