He shows up well dressed for our meeting. He is confident, calm and focussed.

His presentation is clear.

business peopleIt is not exactly what I want but I think we can work with it.

One of my partners is happy with the presentation.

One of my partners is not happy.

She does not trust him.

I notice my uncomfortable feeling around this person but did not call it mistrust until it was spoken.

How can you work or be with someone you do not trust?

In my opinion you can’t.

Trust is a foundation on which relationships are built.

It is a keystone to our being together, being open and working toward a common goal.

Since one of my partners does not trust this man and I respect and know her intuitive vibration, I am trusting her guidance in this matter.

How then do we all move forward?

There are several of us who have to participate in this transaction.

It is at his point I have to let go of my obsessive nature to move ahead at any cost.

I need to slow down, cool off, release the outcome to the universe and know that I may get the deal I want…or not.

If I do not complete the transaction as originally set up then I know it will work out differently and probably better.

When trust is broken or not between us then we do not have a relationship on which to build anything.

The place to put your trust is always in your own knowing.

You and I have the faculty to touch into situations around us and be guided as to what to do.

It happens when we open our fist and let go of holding on so hard to something we want.

I will not take steps into a relationship or transaction in which I do not trust.

That is dishonoring who I am.

Trust is a golden aspect of you with antennae to guide you.

Trust it.

This is who you are.